The Firm

Jusuf Indradewa & Partners was established in late 1990 as one of the pioneers in providing legal consultancy on matters relating to the capital market in Indonesia. It was indeed a mutually advantageous affair, in that the vigorous development of the capital market created business opportunities for us, which simultaneously allow us to further improve the quality of our services to our clientele. It has been our policy, and we will continue to do so, in providing our legal services to our clientele so as to enable them to complete their transactions, among others, covering:

• Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares and the floating of bonds;
• Issuance of convertible bonds, rights issue of preferred stock to current stockholders, accompanied by warrants for them to buy common stock;
• Mutual funds;
• Registration of Publicly Held Companies without listing their shares on the stock market;
• Secondary market transactions that among others involved margin trading;
• Corporate actions of publicly listed companies, whether due to conflict of interest or not, that might relate to purchase of assets, merger and acquisition, and Tender Offer;
• Strategic Sale;
• Sale of stock to employees and management (ESOP/EMBO).

In addition to the aforementioned transactions, we have also been involved in providing services to the capital market since 1990, viz. on: banking and finance, domestic and international investment, insurance, property, manufacturing, and the aviation industry.

We have also been providing legal services in setting up joint ventures, joint operations, reorganizations and restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, privatization of SOE`s, and corporate matters.

We consider ourselves fortunate enough to have Mr. Jusuf Indradewa as our Senior Partner, who during his long tenure with the GOI, in particular at the Ministry of Finance, in which position he was instrumental in the formulation of laws, such as, on banking and finance, insurance, pension benefit corporation schemes, capital market policy, and instruments thereof, which eventually led to the reactivation in 1977 of the Jakarta Capital Market.

In providing services, it has been our policy to develop and maintain cordial and professional working relationship with government entities at the ministerial level, such as, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Foreign Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Indonesian Securities and Exchange Commission (BAPEPAM), as well as the Indonesian Central Bank, Bank Indonesia.